D. R. Khashaba

I give up!
I say and repeat ad nauseam that philosophy, at any rate what I proudly call my philosophy, has nothing to do with truth, nothing to do with facts, and yet people keep pointing out to me that what I say is not supported by science.
I hereby solemnly declare that I am NOT a philosopher.
I cannot call myself a poet because I do not write verse.
I cannot write fiction because I am a very poor observer and have next to no memory for images and sensuous details — necessary material for fashioning fiction.
I am a fable-monger.
I am a poor Aesop, a second rate Hans Christian Anderson, a fake half of one of the Brothers Grimm.
I fabricate fables the moral of which is for everyone to devise for oneself.
So please stop telling me that what I write is at variance with the testimony of respectable science.
I compose meaningful myths whose meaning is not subject to the common criteria of meaning.
I compose myths that aspire to the meaningfulness of a lyric.
Please don’t apply to my myths the tests of truth and fact.
With Socrates I have long ago ceded all truth and all fact as a prerogative of science.
I have been saying this in all my writings. If you find what I have said in the above lines nonsensical, don’t read anything of mine: you will be merely wasting your time.
August 21, 2016.


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