When I wrote this book I thought it likely to be my last. I tried to sum up in it my philosophy in the framework of the quest of humanity for Reality. The following paragraph reproduced from the Preface sets out the plan and structure of the book.

“The book traces the human quest for Reality from the first gropings of primitive humans through the speculations of modern philosophers to my own confessedly personal vision. Chapter one, “In the Beginning”, gives a sketchy outline of the human quest of Reality in the earliest times. No erudition or originality is claimed. This is a simple outline drawn from commonly available sources. Chapter two, “The Ionian Venture”, a brief survey of the earliest Greek philosophers. Again, no pretence of scholarship or originality, though the interpretation may be ‘personal’. Chapter three, “Socrates” and chapter four, “Plato”: In these two chapters I claim to offer an original interpretation, opposed to the mainstream academic reading, laying the foundation for my original version of Platonism. Chapters five to eight on Aristotle, Spinoza, Kant, and Whitehead respectively: I show my agreements and disagreements with these four great thinkers to develop my own vision. My intention is neither expository nor critical; my approach is not scholarly and I have no use for ‘secondary literature’. Chapter nine, “Reality”, mainly explaining my special terminology where I distinguish between and oppose ‘reality’ and ‘existence’, a distinction which I think is needed to clear much confusion in philosophical thinking. Chapter ten, “Philosophical Thinking”, expounding one of two radically original features in my philosophy, namely, the oracular nature of philosophy. The other feature is what I call the Principle of Creativity. Chapters eleven and twelve are critical of Analytical and Empirical approaches in philosophy. Chapters thirteen to eighteen, “The Soul”, “God”, “Time, Duration, and Eternity”, “Three Metaphysical Principles”, “Creative Eternity”, “Humanity”, these six chapters give the substance of my special philosophy. …”

  1. R. Khashaba

July 24, 2016




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