Today, July 9, 2016, I added a second PDF. The prefatory note to the paper reads: 

You will think me mad to comment on Stephen Hawking’s A Brief History of Time. I may be mad but I hope I am not such an imbecile as to comment on Hawking’s science. Yet such a book will contain implicit or explicit, conscious or unconscious, philosophical and metaphysical assumptions. It is with these that I am concerned.  My intention was originally not so much to comment as to offer marginal reflections but eventually I found myself obliged to comment critically at certain points. It may be that my being an outsider to science helps me see things that scientists find it difficult to perceive from within their special universe of thought. Initially I expected my comments to focus on Chapter 8, “The Origin and Fate of the Universe”, and the concluding chapter but then I found that I had on my hands more than I had anticipated.

Download the PDF


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