Khashaba, D. R., b.1927, is an independent philosopher. Between 1998 and 2015 published nine philosophy books (and a revised edition of the first). A tenth book is under final revision. Khashaba, a widower with one daughter, Hanan, and one granddaughter, Farah, b. 2001, lives in his home-country, Egypt.  http://www.arabworldbooks.com/authors/dr_khashaba.htm



In this site, beside occasional blogs, essays, notes, etc., I intend to make all my books freely available, beginning with my tenth book which is now in final revision (which I expect to take about eight weeks).


MY BOOKS (which will be offered here successively):

Let Us Philosophize (1998, 2008)

Plato: An Interpretation (2005)

Socrates’ Prison Journal (2006)

Hypatia’s Lover (2006)

The Sphinx and the Phoenix: Philosophical Essays (2009)

Plato’s Memoirs (2010)

Quest of Reality (2013)

Metaphysical Reality: Philosophical Papers (2014)

Plato’s Universe of Discourse (2015)

Creative Eternity: A Metaphysical Myth (forthcoming)

Translations into Arabic are being published by The National Center for Translation, Cairo.


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